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Recap of 2010 … Looking Ahead!

Dear Supporters of Caribbean Children’s Foundation,


In many ways, the year of 2010 was a tragic year for the people of Haiti.   The January 12th earthquake set the tone for the entire year.  Masses of refugees flowed into other cities.  Countless people began calling a tent their home.  The cholera epidemic further disheartened the people.  Hurricane Tomas brought high winds, heavy rains and more despair.  The Presidential elections added more tension to the already overstressed communities of survivors.  Yet, we see a people who remain resilient and determined to see that the new year of 2011 is a better one.

For Caribbean Children’s Foundation, the year of 2010 also brought about many changes.  The Children of Israel Orphanage was rendered unsafe; the children were moved to crowded, temporary housing.  The Izidor family and the Léon family found makeshift housing, until permanent housing could be secured.  Life in Haiti was no longer the life that we had known since I had arrived in 2004.  New adjustments needed to be made when teams began returning to Haiti.  Prices were higher. The teams were housed in alternative guesthouses, transportation within LesCayes changed from being all within walking distance to having to hire a chauffeur to be with the team during their entire stay.  All the changes resulted in stress of varying degrees.

In the midst of an uncertain year, God showered various blessings on the work being done by Caribbean Children’s Foundation (CCF).  Four children of the Children of Israel Orphanage were able to join their “forever” families in the United States.   The earthquake cut some of the red tape of the adoption process.  Some of the children were able to be released on humanitarian visas, to join their new families ahead of schedule.   Lovelie, Wisken, Charly and Djones were on their way to a new life only a few short days after the 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti.

The quake also jump started the construction for the new campus of the Children of Israel Orphanage.  Various new construction methods were studied, a new site plan was drawn up and the ground breaking of the first children’s cabin is imminent.   The nearly finished home of Leonie Kessa Isidor has been used to temporarily house the girls of the orphanage.  Upon completion of the first children’s cabins, her home will gradually empty, allowing her and Israelson to finally have a home to call their own.  The boys, too, will move out of their temporary cramped quarters at Genet’s parents’ house, as soon as enough cabins are erected.  On the new campus, a guesthouse is nearing completion.  Teams, wanting to work at the orphanage, will then have an on-site place to stay.  Construction of Genet and Yelline’s home is nearing fruition.  It will be a happy day when Stephane and Gregory can return from the USA and live with their parents in their new home.  Léon and I have found a home to rent, until it is feasible for us to build our home.  When all the children and all the adults can finally have a permanent place to call home, it will be a huge relief!  Your prayers during this stressful year have been cherished!

During 2010, the need for care for critically ill children continued.  At first it was impossible to get children to the USA, unless their condition was earthquake related.  That situation is now changing.  Currently CCF is working with one critically ill child who is in the beginning stages of receiving needed medical help that is not available to him in Haiti.  Paperwork and lab tests must be completed before the child will be released to a doctor in the states.  Please pray for the host family, as they prepare to nurture and care for this Haitian toddler.  Please pray for little Daniel as he awaits treatment.  Please pray for his family as they face a long period of separation when Daniel leaves their home to live with a family that they have never met.  Please also pray that funding will be available for Daniel and the other children who are waiting for doctors and hospitals to agree to take their cases at no cost to the poor families of these children.

The earthquake has resulted in larger number of kids needing tuition assistance for the 2010-2011 school year.  Remember that NO school in Haiti is free.  Some children lost their parents in the earthquake.  They are living with new families who cannot afford to send additional children to school.  Children who were sponsored last year by CCF are returning to us to ask for tuition assistance again this year.  Sadly, some of the students that we helped last year perished in the earthquake or died from preventable diseases that were untreatable in Haiti!  Nonetheless, the numbers of children needing assistance has grown and CCF is having to turn down several of the requests.   CCF is helping hundreds of children in several schools in LesCayes, Ile-a-Vache and the Jacmel area.  Our newest school is in a little fishing community on Ile-a-Vache , called Pointe Est.  Education is the key to ending poverty.  Perhaps this is an area where you would like to help the children of Haiti!

Orphanages remain a HUGE focus of Caribbean Children’s Foundation.  In the past, we have helped supply funding for the Children of Israel Orphanage in LesCayes, the House of the Lambs of God in Ouanaminthe,  God’s Littlest Angels in Petionville, Ruuska Village near Port-au-Prince and the Orphans of Jesus of the Dominican Republic. We have also received a request to open an orphanage for children left homeless and/or parentless following the earthquake.  The orphanage will be called GRACE Orphanage and will be located on the island of Ile-a-Vache (just off the coast from LesCayes).  Food prices have risen in Haiti, resulting in additional funds needed to care for the children.  Each orphanage has unique needs varying from clothing to furnishings to monthly sponsors.  Teams can help in a big way!

Construction is well under way for GRACE School.  The roof of the second floor is the next step to completing our two-story building on Ile-a-Vache.  GRACE School serves over 500 students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  The classes are being held in the completed classrooms and in nearby rental homes, until all of the buildings on our school campus can be erected.

Upon reviewing ALL that God has accomplished in 2010, in spite of trials of this year, we can only say that what seemed impossible for man was not impossible for our God.  To Him be the glory!


Many of you have asked for an update on some of the projects of CCF, along with anticipated costs for those projects.  Listed below are various projects for 2011.


1.         Children of Israel Orphanage – Torbeck Campus

The 1st children’s cabin is about to be built.  The design of this cabin is the result of months of discussion following the January 2010 earthquake.  The materials will be a styrofoam product that is said to be both  earthquake and hurricane proof.  The 1st cabin is a pilot project, so that it can be learned what the actual cost of a cabin will be.  The plan is to have ten cabins.  Initially the cabins will house several children, until enough  cabins are completed to house 6 children to a cabin, with one caregiver per cabin.  A detailed blueprint plan of the orphanage campus is now in Haiti and is available for viewing.

2.         GRACE School – Grann Plaine Campus on Ile-a-Vache

The progress of the school has been very exciting.  The school survived the earthquake intact, but it was recommended that two stories be built instead of the original proposed three stories.  The current building is housing grades 1-6.  In the future, it will house grades 1-12, a guesthouse for missionaries working in the area,  a pharmacy for the community and afternoon classes will be available for technical or vocational training.

We currently have a mission team who is making plans for solar energy for the school.  They are in the preliminary stages of that process. We are now ready to put the roof on the second floor.  We have added additional portals to assure even more strength in the roof.  The costs for the thick concrete roof have been calculated and are available upon request.  Although the estimates are in French, the total cost has been estimated in US dollars

Anticipated cost for the 2nd floor roof is $51,000.

3.         GRACE School (Kindergarten Building of 4 classrooms) – Grann Plaine Campus on Ile-a-Vache

This building will accommodate the littlest children who would have occupied one floor of the original proposed three story building.  We will need to purchase additional land for this building.  The land adjoins the existing school property.  It is the farm area that is directly behind the existing “thatched roof school kitchen.” Although the estimates are in French, the total cost has been estimated in US dollars.  The estimates are available for viewing upon request.

Cost of the property = $1335.

Anticipated cost for the kindergarten building is $51,000.

4.         GRACE Orphanage- Grann Plaine on Ile-a-Vache

The list of names on the waiting list for the upcoming orphanage on Ile-a-Vache is growing longer.  We anticipated starting the orphanage with 10 children in a temporary, but existing structure.  It seems that the  orphanage needs may quickly outgrow the size of the home that we have selected for use for the orphanage.  Property was purchased, some years back, to be set aside for future use as an orphanage. It now appears wiser to place funding into new housing, rather than the repairing of old housing.  Cost estimates have been prepared for the construction of an orphanage building made with concrete blocks.  Although the estimates are in French, the total cost has been estimated in US dollars and are available for viewing upon request.

Anticipated cost for an orphanage building is $28,000.


1.         Sponsors continue to be needed for the care of the children living in the orphanages

For 1 child, cost is $150 per month.   (Broken down, this could be 5 sponsors at $30/month/child)  To determine the cost for a complete orphanage, please multiply $150 x the number of children at the orphanage.

2.         Sponsors for school children

Following the earthquake, there is an increased financial need to help children to be able to attend school.  This is true because many jobs were lost, many parents died and many of the tuition costs have increased.   Each factor is placing a heavier weight on surviving family members to be able to educate the children of Haiti.

Costs vary from approximately $180 – $1000 per year, per child.

Price is determined by which school is attended (primary, secondary, technical school or university) and in which community the school is located.


1.         Medical care for critically ill children

The cost will vary from child to child, depending on the course of treatment needed and whether or not the child can be treated in Haiti or needs to be treated outside of Haiti.  Money is needed for a variety of things, such as birth certificates, passports, airfare to the states, CT Scans, xrays, blood tests, transportation and housing for trips to Port-au-Prince to visit doctors or clinics there, etc…

Presented above is a large selection of the projects placed before us at Caribbean Children’s Foundation.  God has shown His faithfulness to us over and over again.  He has used caring people like you to accomplish what may have seemed impossible.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning how you think you might be able to help!

God bless you for reaching out to the little ones of Haiti!

Because of Him!

Nora Léon

Executive Director

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