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Communiqué #082


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

Summer of 2010

THOUGHTS FROM JUNE … I am still feeling somewhat unsettled in my new way of life here in Haiti.  It is with pleasure that I am able to announce that glimpses of hope are starting to peep through.  A tiny, seemingly small sign was that of a sailboat visible on the sea far out in the distance from a window at the guesthouse.  Up until that point, I had been wondering if the blue I was seeing could possibly be that of the ocean!  Seeing the sailboat, confirmed my thoughts and gave me a glimmer of hope.  It was a feeling similar to that of seeing the sun rise following several days of gloom – an affirmation that God’s presence throughout His creation is still very much alive.  Can it be that life will actually return to some sort of normalcy???  Can it be that God is actually giving me those “pep talks” that I asked of Him???

We are in the midst of several rainy days with HIGH winds.  The ground is fully saturated and the flooding has begun! I cannot help but think of the thousands of people still living in tents.  I must thank God anew for the “real” bed I have to sleep in and a room that is “high and dry.”  I know that now even more babies will die in the conditions in which they live.  The post-earthquake suffering continues!

I have just come off from a “two dead mice” day.  First I found a dead mouse in the midst of my shoes in my former living quarters.  I scooped it up and disposed of it outside.  Later, as I was making photo copies for the mission team that is here (on my printer that had sat idle while I was in the states) I was startled by a little mouse that scampered out of the paper feed tray!  Yikes!  After the escape of the little critter, an unmistakable “dead mouse” odor lingered. Ugh!  I searched all the openings in the printer and saw nothing.  I asked the team handyman, if he would mind taking a look at my printer to see what he could see.  He took my printer outside and with three or four helpers they searched for the foul-smelling mouse.  It was determined that the mouse was in the inner works of the printer.  Instead of taking more of the team’s time, I decided that I would just take the printer ome to my new residence and disassemble it there in search of the remains.  Once home, I took out my screwdriver and proceeded to dismantle the printer.  Getting into the guts of the machine was a little more complicated than it looked.  I decided to put the screws back in place and give the printer a couple of hardy shakes.  I held the printer between my two hands and tilted it to one side in the air and shook it.  I tilted it to the other side and shook it again.  I held it upside down and shook it again.  Setting the printer right side up on the table in front of me, I looked in at the ink cartridge track.  There it was! A slightly mushy, baby mouse carcass had appeared!  The mouse quickly found its grave on the grass one story below!  Another mouse gone!  My printer is now “dead-mouse” odor free!!! The question of the day soon became … “How many missionaries does it take to find one dead mouse in a printer???” Several it seems!

THOUGHTS FROM AUGUST … It seems that the last month and a half have been a time of private reflection, ranging from mind boggling depression to glimpses of brighter days ahead.  During the time away from writing my Communiqués, I was feeling the inability to put into words what was going on in my head.  Perhaps that period of time has passed and I can now again scribble my thoughts onto paper.

Léon and I have spent many hours looking and searching for a home to rent.  August 2 was the happy day of “Keys in Hand!”  I look forward to planting flowers in a little soil-starved area in front of our new home.  I will put my sewing machine to use in making curtains for the many windows.  We will begin the task of installing screens to make the rooms more “mosquito proof.”  We will experience anew the variety of home repairs that are sure to face us.  We hope to harvest oranges and bananas and coconuts from the trees in our backyard. We may even have room for a tomato plant or two!  All-in-all, this is a new milestone in our life!  I thank God for this new beginning!

I thank God, also, for those of you who have been faithful prayer warriors on our behalf!  Returning to Haiti, post-earthquake, was only possible because of our God.  He is the One who embraces us during a time of need. He is the One who responds to all of the prayers lifted up!

Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic                Until next time. God willing …………

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