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Communiqué #079


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

February 22, 2010

At least for now, my days of living in a tent at the Refugee Camp are coming to a close.  If all goes as planned, I will be leaving Haiti on a teeny missionary plane that will overnight in the Bahamas.  There I will sleep in a real bed and eat food that is not served in a round tin pan. The next day, I will head to the land where the Haiti earthquake seems very far away.  I will be going to the states for a reprieve and to conduct some CCF business, including various speaking engagements. I will be able to see and hug my daughter and her family!  I will treasure anew my family and friends!

You may ask, “Do I wish mytime in the Camp never happened?”  “Absolutely not!”  I have learned so much!  I have heard so many stories of tragedy and survival.  Although I have not seen with my own eyes the devastation in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding communities, I have seen the aftermath through the eyes of the survivors.  I have felt the heart ofthe long term effects of this disaster!

I cannot adequately express my thanks for the outpouring of love and support for the people of Haiti.  People from around the world have come to offer help.  Prayer warriors have been on their knees.  Wallets and hearts have been opened!  Now it is very important that people do not forget the struggles that the Haitian people will continue to face, as the challenges will be long lasting and difficult. Thank you for being the faithful hands and feet of Jesus!

Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic                 Until next time. God willing …

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