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Communiqué #073


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

January 27, 2010

Household sizes are swelling rapidly.  A family of six may now be a family of fifteen.  Households of six, who were struggling to feed their family and send their children to school prior to the earthquake, are now worrying about how they will possibly feed more mouths and clothe more bodies.  Earthquake victims who have lost their home have gone to join extended family (if they have any) who are living in other localities.  They usually arrive with the clothes on their back and no money to contribute to their future needs.  Please pray for these families who now face even greater financial challenges!

Leonie Izidor and her two grandsons were able to get a plane out of Haiti on Monday evening, after a LONG, LONG wait at the airport.  They landed in Orlando and will be picked up by family members there.

Rain has come to the Refugee Camp.  We are finding that most of the tents have leaks.  I suppose for some of the residents of the camp, this is not an unusual circumstance.  Perhaps their previous homes were also prone to leak, depending on what type of structure they lived in before.

I have received a telephone call that one of our “runners” has arrived and delivered needed goods to our driver.  I now await the second phone call.

Banks have reopened, but the tellers are instructed to only give out small amounts of cash, so that everyone in line will get a little.  The lines, of course, are VERY long!  It is not possible to serve all the people in line, before the door of the bank closes.

Plans are being made to move the children and caregivers of the “Children of Israel” Orphanage to the property in Torbeck, which is the vacant site of our future permanent campus.  The transfer of children will occur on or about February 1st.   A latrine is being dug, an outdoor “kitchen” is being built and three month’s worth of supplies is being stored.  The distance to the new site may be too far from some of the employees (cooks, laundry women) to travel, which means they will be job-less.  It pains the Izidor family that this move will adversely affect those who have been so faithful in their labors for the children.  The children are apprehensive about the move, wondering where they will go to school and to church.  It will be too expensive for our rickety, gas-guzzling bus to transport them back and forth daily.  Perhaps once a week, they will return to worship at the church that is so familiar to them.  When that is not possible, on-site worship services will take place. School, for now, is not a problem as no schools are in session.  We are researching a way to employ someone to conduct classes at the site.  It will be necessary for us to hire a nighttime security guard.  We will plant gardens, when it is growing season, to supplement the food supply and to give the children some activities to occupy their time.  There are many plans to be made.  Please pray for the Orphanage during this transition time!

We cannot thank the people of America enough for their outpouring of love during this difficult time.  Your prayers have been a HUGE blessing and will continue to be needed.  The financial support that has started to come in is making it possible for us to “keep things together”.   It is impossible for me to thank each of you individually, but please know that does not mean that I am any less grateful for what you have been doing and will continue to be doing for the children of Haiti!

I would like to dedicate this communiqué to my daughter Tasha!

She has been a rock through this whole event.

She has turned her worry into action to help the people of Haiti!

She makes me proud to be the mother of such a loving Christian woman!

I love you Tasha!


Send your tax-deductible checks to


1303 Forest Park Road

Muskegon MI 49441.4638


Donate online (where a fee will be deducted from your donation)


Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic                           Until next time. God willing …………

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