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Communiqué #056



to the PEOPLE of HAITI

December 29, 2008

Check out our newly revised and still-more-to-come website. You can find us at There you will find photos of all our current kids, including our newest children Anise, Stephenson and Samuel. The website contains a link to my blog site, so you can just pop from one to the other. It is an easy way to read my latest communiqués and see new photos.

Winter news from back home in Michigan brings me the report of 48” of snow, so far this season. I can’t say that I am missing driving in that stuff, but a part of me longed to be with family this Christmas! I tried to console myself in the fact that Haiti has its perks this time of year with temperatures in the 80s and low humidity. It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were swimming in the Caribbean and enjoying a beautiful sunset at the beach. Hmmm! I guess I better concentrate on being content where I am planted!

I had a wonderful phone call the other night. The call came from the parents of a little boy whom I had sent to the USA for open heart surgery. The parents were very excited because they just had a new baby – a little girl – after having three sons! They wanted me to know that they want me to be the godmother to their daughter at her upcoming baptism! How special is that? Little Kerly, the now “big brother”, and his papa came to visit me. They came bearing gifts of grenadia, corn, oranges and congo beans. I was able to present them with a baptismal gown that a lady in the states had given to me. The donor had bought the gown in England before her and her husband had children. As it turned out, they never had children and she gave me the gown in hopes that children in Haiti could benefit from it. I have loaned it to more than one mother. I dream that the gown will be used by many babies as they receive the sacrament of Baptism. Wanting to know more about the new baby, I asked what day she was born. I learned that she arrived on Monday, December 15th and that she was born at home. The mother and baby are doing fine. When I asked about her name, I was told that she did not have a name yet and, if I would like, I could name the baby! Hmmm! Kerly and his papa soon said goodbye. Kerly would take home with him greetings from me to his mama and baby sister, some lollipops for him and his family and a bottle of liquid Tylenol for the fever he was running.

More good news arrived when we learned at Leon’s graduation from Business Technology Institute, on December 21, that he was being awarded a trip for being #8 in his graduating class. The trip will be to Cap Haitien, on the northern coast of Haiti. Neither of us has been there and we are looking forward to exploring the historical sites and seeing a new part of the country. We are also hoping to take a side trip to visit the other orphanage that Caribbean Children’s Foundation sponsors. A newly completed road makes the trip only one hour away from Cap Haitien. I have wanted to visit the “House of the Lambs of God” Orphanage for a long, long time. Perhaps this will be our chance! Pastor Daniel Paul and his wife Clynie are the founders of this orphanage that currently houses 15 little girls. Pastor Daniel Paul, himself, grew up as an orphan. He was inspired by Pastor Israel to reach out to the orphaned children of Haiti. What a privilege it will be to finally see firsthand the new building and to actually be able to meet the children in person!

The new year of 2009 gives all of us another year to serve Him! Please join me in praying that His will be done in the work in Haiti!

Please pray

– that GRACE School will be able to have completed classrooms before the beginning of the next school year

– that more sick children will find avenues for needed treatment

– that mission teams coming to Les Cayes will not only be a blessing, but will also be blessed

– that the economic situation will ease, resulting in less hunger & hardship

– that the school children who are sponsored will come to know Jesus and will learn skills to improve their future

– that the orphanage children will grow up to serve the Lord and to be pillars of light in their community

– that the children who have been adopted will adapt well to their new home, but will also remember to pray for their orphanage friends and their birth families

– and that God will surround all of the Christian workers, not only in Les Cayes, but around the world, with his love and protection and encouragement!

Thank you for being a faithful part of this ministry throughout this past year! May God also grant YOU the love, protection and encouragement that you need to “brighten the corner where you are!”

Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic Until next time ………….

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