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Communiqué #040


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

June 20, 2007

One never knows under what circumstances God may use us to bring someone to Christ. I was recently humbled by the way in which God allowed so many people to play a small part in such a dramatic event. You may recall hearing me talk recently about a Haitian lady that I brought to the states, in February of 2007, for surgery in Michigan. God used so many people to make this surgery possible. A registered nurse in Michigan coordinated all the medical staff that would be needed to care for the patient. She also made arrangements for low cost or donated medical services. She wrote fund raising letters to meet the unpaid medical costs. Then, there were the generous financial donations that were given to make this undertaking a reality. Next, a Haitian family living in the Grand Rapids area opened their home and their hearts to the patient. The pastor and congregation members of the Haitian church where they attend also opened their hearts and homes to her. Volunteers drove her to doctor appointments. A dentist gave her free dental care. New friends were made! It took a whole community of people to bring about the care and love that this patient would need before, during and after her surgery.

Reunited with her doctor in Haiti!

It was not until I returned home to Haiti that I learned of the true miracle that had happened. In early June 2007, I traveled back to Haiti with “our” now recovered patient, reuniting her with her family in LesCayes. Upon arrival at my home, I was very busy unpacking. I left the Haitian lady in my room, where she and my husband could have a conversation about her experiences in the United States. Later in the evening, after we had taken her to her home, a few quiet moments set in where I could have a conversation with my husband. Not having a good command of the Creole language, I wanted to hear from him what he had learned about the lady’s experiences in the states. To my surprise, she had not talked in detail about her medical care, but rather she focused on how she had found God in the United States. She had told my husband that she had attended church prior to going to the United States but it never really ever meant anything to her. But after going to Michigan, she learned that people actually cared about her and that most importantly that GOD cared about her. She found the true joy of worshipping Him and had asked Him into her heart during her stay in the United States. She returned to Haiti with a smile on her face and true joy in her heart. Isn’t it awesome how God not only fixed her body, but also “fixed” her soul??? I could not contain my joy that evening! Thank you God for letting me be a little part of your divine plan!!!

Medical miracles just seem to keep unfolding! I have been working on a case for over six months for a 16 year old boy who has a HUGE tumor on his leg. I had done all the paperwork and testing that was required. The only thing left was to find a doctor or hospital that would accept him for treatment in the states and then I could take him to Port-au-Prince to file for his visa. His case waited and waited some more. Every so often, I would send a reminder prayer up to Heaven, letting God know that Ricardo still needed help! Nothing! Then, God sent a medical mission team to work with us in Les Cayes. I mentioned the case to the doctor on the team and immediately she said she wanted to go see him. She and some of the team members walked with me to visit Ricardo. To reach his home, we had to walk to the outskirts of the city. Then, we had to board a small boat and pay a few gourdes to cross over to the other side of the river, and then travel on foot a little further. Upon arrival, it was clear that his condition had deteriorated. He now had open sores that could easily get infected in the environment in which he lived. If infection should set in, he would surely die! It was obvious to the doctor that this young man needed treatment immediately! Upon returning to the church compound the plan was set in action. People were contacted in Indiana and the ball started rolling. By the end of the week, all approvals had been received for the team to bring Ricardo home with them to the states where he would receive medical care. Two days prior to the team’s departure, I traveled with Ricardo to Port-au-Prince to apply for his medical visa. God’s intervention, all along the way, broke down any obstacles that would have prevented Ricardo from making the journey! God is SO good!

A rare smile!

Please pray for Ricardo now as he endures homesickness, new surroundings, and medical procedures that are scary to a young man who only knows the tiny village from where he came. Pray for a miracle in his medical treatment which includes health issues other than what was easily visible. Join me in thanking God for the many people who helped make his medical care available. Once again, God used a community of people to be His hands and feet.

In closing, I would ask for your prayers for myself and my work here in Haiti. It is easy for me to ask for financial help for the orphaned and sick children. It is difficult to ask for myself. Since September of 2004, I have lived on the generous donations of family, friends and church congregations. It was not until May 2007 that my funding went to an all-time low. I began to wonder if God was asking me to leave my work in Haiti. Was I not trusting Him enough? Was I letting worry be my lord? The situation prompted a return to Michigan for a meeting with the Board of CCF. Up to this point, we had been able to say that none of our funding went to salaries. It became obvious, however, that in order for me to stay working in Haiti, that would have to change. After hours of discussion, the board voted to give me a small salary, a scary and new undertaking for our foundation. In order to keep my mission work a reality I am in need of more donations. If you are not currently supporting CCF, I would ask for you to pray about becoming a new donor (donations are tax deductible). If you are already a donor, I am very grateful to you, and would ask you to pray about increasing your donation. Without new donors and continued/increased support from my present donors, my position will remain in a delicate balance. This was something I was dreading to bring to your attention, but it is something that I need to do. Thank you for making my concern, your concern! We truly cannot do the work in Haiti without your help!

Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic Until next time ………….

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