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Communiqué #014


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

July 11, 2005

It was in the fall of 2001 when I first met the little girl with the incredibly big and beautiful eyes. She became one of the first five girls that would come to live at the newly established Children of Israel Orphanage. Her eyes were always the first physical feature one would notice. I too was drawn to her eyes, but more than that, I saw a child who desperately needed regular meals and a loving home. This child had hair that was tinged with orange. Her muscle tone was so diminished she could not draw up her arms or legs into an embrace, when held by an adult. Malnutrition was the reason! This child would most certainly have died, if it were not for the food, shelter and love that the orphanage was about to offer her.

A few months later, I was able to return to visit the orphanage. The astonishing change in this little one was incredible. Her hair had returned to a rich, deep brown and she was running and playing like the other girls. ( In photos below, see the changes!)

Through the years, I have come to know her giggle, her periods of pouting, her eagerness for a hug. Through the years, I have seen her receive an education, learn to sing beautiful songs, learn to love Jesus! It has been a joy to see that the Children of Israel Orphanage has been instrumental in transforming this little girl to a little lady, one full of life and wonder!

My joy came full circle when I was recently asked by her adoptive parents in Michigan to be her escort to the states where she would be united with her new family. It was I who was able to witness her first airplane ride, her first automatic hand dryer, her first excursion on the escalators and elevators, her first drinking fountain. It was I who was able to look at her trustingly resting in my lap on her way to a life that she could only inadequately imagine! I am thankful to God for this incredible privilege! Once again, I was blessed to see the result of one of the many dreams that Pastor Israel had for the children of his country! Even after Pastor Israel’s death, the fruits of his labors continue to reveal themselves! His work was not in vain! His labors will reap benefits far into the distant future!

I was greeted by the ravages of Hurricane Dennis, when I returned to Haiti following my SPECIAL DELIVERY mission. God had spared Haiti of much of the devastation, disaster, and death that could have resulted from this storm. There were, however, plenty of trees blown down, the area had been deluged with rain, the area was without power for a couple of days and now cleanup was underway. The damage that affected Les Cayes the most was the loss of the main bridge in Grand Goave, now leaving the road between Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes an impossibility for the large trucks that normally carry supplies to us here. We now face a gasoline shortage and food shortages, resulting once again with soaring prices of items that we are able to obtain. Those who travel to Port-au-Prince to make a living by selling items or purchasing items to sell can no longer make that voyage without taking a car to the non-existent bridge, carrying the items across the river, and then hiring another vehicle to take them on the second leg of their journey. This task is both labor-intensive and expensive. Once again, I approach you with the need for prayer for the people of Haiti. Rice and beans are even more unaffordable to those who were already struggling to find enough gourdes to buy a few morsels for their family. Diesel fuel for generators and automobiles is impossible to find on most days. On days when some is available, a huge crowd can be seen smothering the pumps in hopes of obtaining at least some of what is so desperately needed! The Haitian dollar is now 8 to 1. The unrest from the upcoming elections continue to make Port-au-Prince an area of apprehension and uncertainty. Satan continues to test the loyalty of those proclaiming Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Please uphold us in your prayers!

Nora Nunemaker

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic

Until next time ………….

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