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Communiqué #100


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

JANUARY 6, 2013

And then there was light … !

November 2012 brought an expected return to the USA.  I had left Haiti, knowing that in my absence, the long-awaited, obstacle-laden and delayed installation of solar panels on the roof of GRACE School on Ile-a-Vache would take place.  I longed to be there when the switch was first flipped to bring electricity to this community for the first time in its history.  From afar, I learned about the excitement and joy of the community, where among other things, the students now have a place to study in the evening hours and where fans can finally produce a welcoming breeze to otherwise stifling classrooms and where the community can charge up their cell phones!


GRACE School & GRACE Orphanage just before the solar power arrived!

An unexpected extended stay in the USA, due to some health issues, meant that I would not be in Haiti when the January 2013 team traveled to Ile-a-Vache to make the electrical connection from GRACE School to GRACE Orphanage.  During this “yet another historical” event, our orphanage received full power and the community again rejoiced in this blessing.  I cannot wait to see these things with my own eyes!!!

God has more than the lighting of the school and the orphanage in His plan.  In a place where voodoo worship continues to be a dark side of life in this community, God has been unfolding a plan to light up this corner of the world.   The leaders of the community have approached my husband and board members of GRACE Ministries of Ile-a-Vache about bringing a Christian radio station, a Christian television station and a church to Grann Plaine.  My husband is feeling God’s leading to make this happen. Now with electricity present in the community, a radio station seems to be a dream that is more possible now than ever before. I continue to watch from a distance, as some of these things begin to happen.

In reflecting back on 2012, I realize once again that the seemingly impossible things are so possible with God.  A year and a half ago, I would have said that it is impossible for an orphanage to be built and for our orphans to be moved into their new home in a few short months.  I would have said that it would be months or years before electricity could be brought to the school and the not-yet-existing orphanage.  Doubter!  God made all that possible and more!  In Haiti, where things like this just do not happen in the short time span of one year, it did happen … all by the GRACE of God!

Before we even had an orphanage to house kids in, we had orphans who we were caring for.  Now, before we even have the plans all formulated in our minds about a place of worship, we have people who have asked us to be baptized or to have their children baptized and have pleaded with us for a place for them to celebrate and worship their new-found faith.  Just this week alone not just one person, not just two or three … but TWELVE people were baptized in worship services held in one of the classrooms of the school!  Even from afar, I can feel the strong presence of God at work in this little community on Ile-a-Vache.   God is there chasing away the darkness and flooding it with the Light that only He can give!  I can only imagine what His plans are for 2013!


 Morning Star & Sunrise on IAV

I pray that I can keep up with what God has planned for the future!  I pray that when I doubt, He will wipe that doubt away.  I pray that when I want to slow down, because it seems to be happening all too fast, He will give me the endurance to do the work that He has set before me.  I thank Him for all the partners that are walking right beside us as the urgency of change unfolds – a change that is bringing not only physical light to this region but the Light of the World.  I pray that God blesses us with even more partners, so that together we can accomplish great things for HIM!

Eternity with Him is what it is all about!

Nora Léon                        

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic          Until next time, God willing …………

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