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Spring 2018, we broke ground for a medical facility for the people of Île-à-Vache! The facility has come a long way! We continue to seek funding for this new facility. We are now furnishing the exam and patient rooms, waiting areas, offices, and the rooms that will house visiting medical workers.


Upon completion of this clinic, we will also be seeking doctors, nurses and other health care workers to staff the facility for extended periods of times (weeks/months).

See our journey below!

Breaking Ground and Beginning the Work

Future Site For Our Medical Clinic

A dream becoming a reality. Construction of the medical clinic commences. Thank you God!

Site For Medical Clinic

Grace School in the far background.

Grab your shovel & pick

Shovel and picks making the portals possible.

This takes skill!

No modern equipment here.

Laying out the perimeters

Laying out the perimeters!

Crude Tools

It's all manual labor here!

More steel
Career Day?

"Bring your daughter to work day".


Using a school bench as a work bench; this crew of men shape the metal for the portals of the medical clinic. Simple tools and sheer physical strength make this possible!

Immediate Benefit!

So many people now have a job to feed their families as the work at the medical clinic begins.

Who needs a gym?!!

No time at the gym needed following a work day in Haiti!

Simple Tools

Nothing fancy needed to start the work!

Squaring it up!
Metal work being put in place

The metal work done under the mango trees at Grace Orphanage are now being put into place at the clinic site. Hard, hard, work.


So many hands involved.

Foundation and Walls

Putting The Roof On

Interior Work

Medical Clinic 2023

Medical Clinic 2023 Landscape being cleared.png
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