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Communiqué #044


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

September 27, 2007

Grandchildren have to be one of the most precious blessings that are given to the human race! I am now the proud grandmother of two little boys – Coda Jason who turned 2 years old on September 19 and little Caiden Jacob who arrived into this world on September 4. What a joy it has been for me to arrive before the birth of Caiden and to be able to spend time with not only my two grandsons but also with their mama and papa! I will treasure this time in my memory forever! One cannot help see the miraculous Hand of God when touching the tiny hands and tiny feet of a newborn! Each new birth is a marvel to behold!

My love for my grandchildren carries over to my love for the children of Haiti. I am especially drawn to the critically ill and the orphaned and poor children of Haiti. At times, I wonder if I can be of more help to them when I live in Haiti OR when I am visiting in the states. My most recent visit to the states reminds me that both are equally important.

I have been trying to get several children and a couple of adults to the states for medical care that is not available in Haiti. For some of the cases, I have been working on them for over nine months. No progress was being made. My hopes for them to receive care before they die were becoming slimmer and slimmer! Then, my trip to the states allowed me to make some more intensive phone calls to see if and how I could jump start the process. Much to my delight, one critically ill baby with a heart condition has been accepted into a program in New Jersey. One lady has now been accepted for treatment in Michigan. A second child is now one step closer to getting treatment in Illinois. All this has happened, in part, because I was able to be in a location where the internet actually works, a postal system can actually deliver packages containing test results next-day and numerous phones calls can be made with clear and instant connections! Thank you God!!

Even more exciting than finding help for sick children is learning that kids that have come to the states for treatment are healthy and ready to return home to their families!!!! In early September, one young man returned to his family in Les Cayes after having an enormous tumor removed from his leg. In November, two babies are scheduled to be reunited with their families following surgery for hydrocephalus. What a story of God’s love these families now have to share with their family and friends in Haiti, a place where good news is so hard to come by!

ONE CHILD SAVED is worth all the time and effort it takes to make this happen! I thank God that He has allowed me to be a little part of His great plan. I thank everyone who has helped make the treatment possible – everyone from the host family, the doctors, the nurses, the translators, the prayer warriors, the transportation people, the lab technicians, the hospital, the sponsoring organizations, the encouragers, and the birth families who entrust their “babies” to complete strangers in a completely different culture. In every case, there are also people involved in the process that I have no knowledge of! I am thankful for those people too! It takes an army of people to help make a miracle happen in the lives of these children!!!

Caribbean Children’s Foundation is now looking at expanding its wings even further! We have received a request to help find sponsors for children living at an orphanage in the Santo Domingo area of the Dominican Republic. I hope to travel to the orphanage in December to access the orphanage and its needs. If we forge ahead with this venture, it will be a leap of faith to take on the financial commitment of adding a third orphanage to our sponsorship portfolio. Please pray that God’s wisdom will be bestowed on us as we consider this new undertaking!

In closing this communiqué, I want to thank the many people who responded to our plea for help with sending poor Haitian children to school. Your outpouring of love was evident in the funds we received for so many children! I thank God for each and every one of you!!!

Nora Léon

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic Until next time ………….

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