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Communiqué #125

Communiqué #125


to the PEOPLE of HAITI

August 23, 2017

W E L D E R    i  n    D E M A N D

A very exciting event was in store for us on the day that we set off to visit the community of Boisbouton on the other side of the tiny island of Île-à-Vache.  Nearly 10 months ago Hurricane Matthew had brought havoc to this community.  The storm had torn off the newly installed roof of the school and church that was being built. On our visit on this day we would see the replacement roof majestically perched on top of the restored structure.  It was truly a reason for celebration!

Pulling up to the site, I could see many men, women and children gathered near the structure.  My initial thought was that they had come here to celebrate with us.  It certainly was a big deal for the community!

Quickly, however, I would learn that they were not there for that reason at all!  They were actually there because a generator AND a welder was there.  There were so many things in their homes that needed welding, but finding a welder within walking distance was only a dream.  Now, right there in their midst, was exactly what they needed!  People came from all directions with broken down metal bed frames, “charcoal stoves” that were falling apart and even motorcycles with parts in need of welding.  Patiently each person waited their turn to finally have a four-legged bed again, a cooking surface that could be mended or needed repairs for their motorcycle.

It seems that the new structure brought out people for more reasons than the original intent of the building.  We pray that the people will return to this site to bring their children to school and their families to worship!  After all, this building is intended for more than the repair of physical items, but also for the educational and spiritual needs of the community!  May God continue to pour His blessings out on Boisbouton!

Nora Léon                                  

Missionary to Haiti & the Dominican Republic       Until next time, God willing …………

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